Remedial massage is a highly beneficial technique that can help to repair damaged tissues, return normal blood flow and to help heal injuries. Studies have shown that in addition to assisting with muscle tension and pain, remedial massage can heighten mental alertness, increase your joint mobility, boost your immunity and relieve both physical and emotional stress.

Massage may help correct posture, improve your skin tone by increasing your blood circulation and encouraging cell regeneration and has been shown to benefit patients who suffer from a wide range of health disorders such as arthritis, high blood pressure, chronic pain, depression and anxiety, and insomnia.
Numerous studies have shown there is a positive correlation between the effectiveness of remedial massage therapy interventions and chronic pain relief, suggesting that it may be beneficial in reducing headache frequency as well as muscular aches and pains.

As with chronic pain relief, massage therapy is effective in managing depression and anxiety in patients. Although depression is seen principally as a mental health disorder, it can have a physical impact on the human body, resulting in headaches, chronic muscle aches and pains and exhaustion. Studies have actively shown a significant reduction in depression and anxiety related symptoms, in people who have sought therapeutic massage treatment.

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